Our Story

Our Story

Pictured from Left (Brother, Me, Cousin, Sister, Cousin)

Growing up in Ghana, West Africa, wearing African clothing was a staple in our household. It didn't have to be a special occasion. We wore it at home, to church, the beach, the market, to visit out family & friends etc. This inspired me to create simple wearable pieces for every occasion.


Throwing it back to 1997: My Mothers Clothing Line (From Left; Brother, Sister, Cousins)

My Mother (The "Carol" in "Carol & Hugh") started her clothing in the 90's for both Kids and Adults. She sold the clothes Locally and Internationally. My Sister and I helped in any way we could. From setting up her sowing machines, to sweeping the floors. Eventually we started sowing clothes for our baby dolls.

Seeing and wearing all these beautiful clothing made me really appreciate the beauty in my culture and I want to share that with the world.

It’s has always been my dream to create an African kids clothing line because of my firm believe in teaching our kids to love and value their culture from the day they come into this world, just like my mother did with us.


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